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How To Explode Your Business In 2019 By Becoming A Speaking Sensation

We may not have met, but if you’re reading this we can be pretty sure of three things:

  1. You want more leads… to gain new clients
  2. You want more sales… to grow your business, and
  3. You want bigger profits… to give yourself a great lifestyle.

You’re not alone. Most business people have the same aims, but hit a brick wall and don’t know what to do next.

Truth is, to get extraordinary results you must commit to doing things differently. After all, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

So, it makes sense to make a change and take a fresh approach to winning leads and making sales. Agree?

Fortunately, there is a way to explode your business using a proven method your competitors generally ignore or refuse to try.

You can become a super-successful speaking sensation!

… and because you’ve arrived on this page we know you’re ready to turn this goal into reality by taking action NOW!

We’re not talking about polishing your elevator pitch or tweaking your ten-minute talk. There’s more to it than that.

You dream of leaving the stage to wild applause and a standing ovation.

And you picture the long line of people waiting in the wings to hand over business cards or book you to speak at their event.

Simply put…

You want to deliver killer presentations that blow people away and generate a constant flood of hot new leads!

Let’s not beat around the bush here… becoming a speaking sensation offers you the single biggest opportunity to stand out from the crowd and explode your business in 2019.

Sounds great, BUT…

If it was that easy there would be a stampede of people rushing to speak at every opportunity and that’s just not the case.

Let us explain why…

The number one reason why your competitors ignore this opportunity and refuse to speak in public is FEAR.

Studies consistently show that people place their dread of public speaking ahead of fears about spiders, snakes, and even death! Shocking, but that’s the mind-blowing truth.

However, YOU have an advantage.

Why? Because you’re prepared to run towards the stage rather than away from it!

When you master the art of public speaking you’ll race ahead of your competitors and be known as the ‘go-to’ person and expert in your field.

But, the BIG question on your mind is:

How can I become a super-successful speaking sensation?

We have good news.

At our Strictly Speaking Masterclasses we reveal all!

We Offer FOUR Masterclasses:

  • 7-Steps to Speaking Success
  • How to Create Your Signature Speech
  • How to Deliver Your Signature Speech
  • How to Sell Yourself as a Speaker

We show you what works and explain the pitfalls to avoid

Take a look at our biographies and you’ll see we’ve spent the past two decades presenting on stage and getting up close and personal with other successful speakers.

From our unique position inside the speaking industry we have direct access to the insights most people rarely get to see. Insights you’ll find invaluable.

Between us we’ve worked with hundreds of people who use speaking to:

  • Generate leads, grow their business and increase profits
  • Boost their reputation and advance their careers
  • Position themselves as an authority and the ‘go-to’ person in their niche
  • Improve their lifestyle and earn a great living as a paid speaker, and
  • Travel the globe ‘wowing’ audiences while doing what they love!

An Exclusive Opportunity… Achieve Your Dream Of Smashing It On Stage!

At our Strictly Speaking Masterclasses we share our knowledge so you can achieve your dream of smashing it on stage.

At last! This is your chance to become a speaking sensation by tapping into our extensive experience and know-how.

We cut through the confusion, demystify the speaking industry and show you how to get yourself up and running.

You learn the shortcuts, the strategies and the simple steps needed to set you on the quickest path to speaking success.

And we share the secrets of the world’s top presenters so you can swipe and deploy the methods they consistently use to keep them at the top of their game.

Do You Qualify For A Place On Our Masterclasses?

Accept our invitation to join us at our Strictly Speaking Masterclasses, but ONLY if you can answer YES to these six questions:

  1. You want more leads, more sales and bigger profits
  2. You want to explode your business in 2019
  3. You want to boost your reputation
  4. You want to be known as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche
  5. You want to ‘wow’ your audience from the stage, and
  6. You’re ready to commit to becoming a speaking sensation!

Our Strictly Speaking Masterclasses are NOT for you if:

  • You’re happy to tread water and keep doing what you’ve always done
  • You expect success to land in your lap
  • You DREAD the thought of speaking in public*

*If you feel nervous about speaking in public that’s fine… it’s a natural response we all experience from time to time. At our masterclasses we help you banish the butterflies and treasure your time in the spotlight!

You CAN explode your business in 2019 by becoming a speaking sensation

Some people we talk to tell us they’re ready to speak on stage, but don’t know where to start. Others say they want to sharpen up their speaking skills, get more bookings and grow their business as a result.

If this describes you be assured, you can do this. Come and join us and we promise to show you how.

You’ll love our fun, friendly and engaging style and it’s easy to understand the methods we show you. We make them so simple and straight-forward.

We know how good it feels when you smash it on stage. The buzz is AMAZING! And when you’re known as the go-to person and expert in your niche, your business explodes.

This is your time to reap the rewards of becoming a speaking sensation!

You’re going to be great… here’s to your success!

Dave Sharpe and Sandra Garlick

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Dave gave the whole weekend a professional edge

“For the official opening of the Ricoh Arena,UK, we organised a complex combination of events, including a prestigious black tie gala dinner for 250 VIP guests followed by a public open day that attracted over 13,000 visitors.

I employed Dave Sharpe as my principal emcee for both the evening dinner and the official public opening the following day. The way Dave handled our dignitaries, Dame Kelly Holmes, Sir Trevor Brooking and Richard Caborn MP, was exemplary. He gave the whole weekend a very professional edge and I would certainly recommend his services to other organisations and I will, of course, use him again here at the Ricoh Arena.”

Daniel Gidney, Chief Executive, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK

Dave gave the whole weekend a professional edge

“An engaging and witty speaker who kept her audience entertained with an analogy with shoes on her professional journey through life.  I hope to be able to welcome Sandra back to the East Midlands soon to speak at an East Midlands PA Network in 2018.”

Lesley Dexter, Executive Support Manager & Company Secretary, East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)


An engaging and witty speaker…

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